Tips for creating a strong corporate brand

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The image of a company should be the heart of its communication strategy. Today, in the era of new technologies, the image projected by a brand can help propel it or reverse it, make it flow.

We have already discussed the different stages of the creative process in order to build a brand image that is perfectly aligned with the company’s fundamentals, market and target audience.

But more specifically, how do you create effective branding that can support the evolution of a brand?

What does the brand image of a company contain?

First, what does the brand image of a company include? It not only contains a logo, but a set of elements – among other visual and textual – that create a unique universe to the company. This includes:

  • The name of the company;
  • The logo ;
  • Graphic elements: images, photos, typography, colors, graphics;
  • Storytelling and the origin of the company;
  • The mission, values ​​and vision of the brand;
  • The signature and the slogan;
  • The advertisement ;
  • The environment (the business / commercial atmosphere, interior design, etc.);
  • Employees (their knowledge and commitment to the company’s and brand’s values ​​and mission, how they communicate with customers);
  • Your Network (business partners, suppliers, etc.);
  • Communication tools: envelopes, writing paper, business cards, corporate folders, etc.

When creating your brand branding, you need to find a way to bring all the elements together in a unique and representative way.

Here is a diagram that represents what should be a complete branding, in terms of visual identity, business and communication.


For a strong corporate brand image

You now know what should be included in your branding.

But that’s not all. To achieve a strong brand image, we must follow these few tips!


Did you know that the average American is exposed to nearly 16,000 advertisements, logos and brands every day?

In this context, simplicity is the master of the game, so that your brand is easily remembered among all others!

We must therefore rely on a simple, clear and clean graphics. It is useless to add a multitude of elements that will only increase the image.

Think of the Nike logo: the Swoosh is now recognized everywhere. Simple and efficient !


For graphic identity, it is generally suggested to stick to four colors that blend well, as well as two different fonts; no more.

The simplicity of the logo and slogan makes it easier for customers to remember and recognize them everywhere.


It is also suggested to stay focused on your company’s values ​​when designing branding. There are more and more brands, and the growing difficulty of standing out in the era of new technologies has created new consumer trends.

Customers now focus on a particular brand because of its values ​​and what it brings to society. So, to create a craze for your business, you need to create a branding that demonstrates yours.

To do this, it can be helpful to remember the fundamentals and history of the brand, in short storytelling. Go back to your roots: why did you start this business, where did you go from, what was important to you then, what did you want to achieve? This can help you reconnect with the deep values ​​of your brand and accurately present the company’s DNA.

Customers and potential customers will focus on what your brand represents, not just your products or services, which ensures greater loyalty.

The target audience

When creating your branding, it’s important to think about what you love and what your brand represents, but also about what your target market is. He has to talk to her and he attracts her.

To do this, the creation of a persona is an important preliminary step. The persona of your brand is an imaginary person who represents your ideal customer, and who should always be your target when designing a marketing and communication strategy. It is important to determine all the characteristics of this person: his age, his values, his personality, his profession and so on.


Regarding your brand image, ask yourself questions such as: what colors and typography will please my persona? Does he prefer modern or classic, confident or dreamy, masculine or sensual, retro or glamorous design?

It would be a shame to make a beautiful logo, but that does not speak to your target customers! Your branding will never be appreciated by everyone. Keep in mind that your pool of potential customers is the most important population to satisfy.



It is also important that the branding of your business is sustainable over time. We must avoid trend elements, but they may crumble. Think of pineapples, cats and unicorns, which are very popular now, but which will eventually lose their place at the expense of new fashions. It is the same for graphic elements.

Thinking about it now will allow you to avoid changing branding trends trends, or to have the same identity for a long time, which will eventually seem outdated and tired in the eyes of consumers.

Rather, it’s important to use in your branding elements that deeply represent your business, that you love and that speak to your target customers. A design that will remain adapted according to the times.

This does not preclude that you may need to refresh your branding one day or another. But this fits into a normal and desirable evolution, and your brand will still be identifiable in the eyes of customers. Take the example of the Coca-Cola logo, which has changed over time, but remains recognizable by all.


The slogan and the company signature

What about the slogan and the corporate signature? Are they necessary?

If the name or logo of your company is good news for your business, you may decide not to design a signature. You could also create one, but decide not to put it in your graphic.

If you think that the corporate slogan or signature has added value, it’s important to create a phrase that demonstrates your uniqueness and clearly outlines how customers will benefit from your product or service.

Hey no, it’s not that easy to create a real good slogan and company signature!


Consistency is very important. Make sure your brand is everywhere: business cards, envelopes, stationery, advertisements, website, blog, portfolio, email signatures, quotes, invoices and so on.

All employees in your company should share it and embody it.

Presenting your brand in a consistent and consistent way will first of all optimize the impact of your new identity. It will also help your customers and partners to remember and recognize your business.

In short…

These tips help you to design the basis of an effective branding. The benefits of a strong brand are undeniable; make the necessary efforts to heal yours.

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