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Your visual identity is usually the first contact people have with your organization. It is imbued with your values, it communicates your vision and mission, it transmits your uniqueness and expertise. It is your weapon of choice to effectively reach your target market.

Through your logo, your graphic charter, your leaflets, your banners and your communication tools, your brand image conveys a strong message that will act as a catalyst to attract and convince your potential customers.

The image of a company represents the promise of what will be delivered to customers. Nothing less.

Whether starting a business or updating your visual identity, it’s crucial to do business with real experts. Just as you would go to an accounting firm for your financial statements, or to a law firm for the drafting of your contracts, your branding must be designed by real professionals.

Our mission: to present in image and in word, the unique personality of your company in order to create value for the consumer and for your company.

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Boumgrafik was founded by Mathieu Bouchard, a creative soul who has made drawing and image his daily life since childhood.

Mathieu had a diversified academic and professional background in the fields of graphic design, communications and advertising, before founding his own agency in branding and visual identity

Agence de Branding et Identité Visuelle | Boumgrafik | Explosion créative

Our expertise = your visual identity

At Boumgrafik, unique branding, distinctive visual identity, memorable logo design and long lasting promotional material design are our passions. We dream of it at night, we eat it at breakfast, we talk to our accountant and our lawyer, in short, that’s what drives us !

With hundreds of clients and projects, we are known for our boundless creativity, innovative ideas and unique understanding of the needs of all our customers. You will find us a partner of choice to visually represent the essence of your business.

Our team

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Laëtitia Blanc

Artistic director / Graphic and web designer

With a smile, Laëtitia is always ready to take up challenges. From your brand identity to the creation of your site, she will amaze you with her daring designs and her talent.

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Jérémie Blais

Web designer and marketing strategist

Versatile and proactive, Jérémie is passionate about large-scale projects and digital challenges. Astute and creative, he is very involved in projects as a front-end developer, WordPress integrator and digital strategist.

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Martin Rheault

Consultant in brand performance and digital strategies

Founder of Le Backstore and accomplished musician, Martin has been active in the web world since 1999. He has extensive experience in project management, website optimization and ergonomics as well as SEO and web marketing.

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Julie Fontaine

Project Manager

Project management holds no secrets for Julie. Thanks to her organizational talent and her ability to manage several projects at the same time. We are all in good hands.

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Cédric P.

SEO specialist, SEM

Seasoned travelers, you will find Cédric in a cafe in Bali or Montreal refreshing his Google Ads dashboard far too often. Cédric is remarkably gifted as an SEO strategist. In addition, he has mastered the world of PPC marketing.

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Serge L.

Senior web programmer

With over 20 years of experience, Serge has always had a passion for technology and the web. Serge excels in both front-end and back-end programming. He skillfully uses his genius to carry out large projects with professionalism.

Agence de Branding et Identité Visuelle | Boumgrafik | Explosion créative
About us

Le Backstore specializes in web development and has extensive experience with SMEs of all sizes.

Its objective is to enable your business to be efficient and competitive with reliable and scalable web solutions, while being easy to set up and operate. You will find cutting-edge expertise that will propel your business online!

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