Logo design

Logo Design

Boumgrafik is your partner for a unique, memorable and timeless logo design!

To enhance your business, distinguish it from your competitors, be easily recognized, seduce customers and present your service offer, a logo is essential.

The first thing the public sees from a brand is often the logo. It has to be attractive and emotive to your prospects and partners in order to attract them. As an image of the company, it is important that it perfectly represents the foundation and DNA of the brand.

That’s why we develop a close collaboration with each of our clients so that they emerge from their experience by our side with a logo that symbolizes the spirit of their company and that speaks to their target clientele.

We conduct in-depth research and analysis in order to know the brand’s market, competitors, foundations and target clientele, which allows us to design a logo that reveals its very essence.

What you get with our logo design service.

Our logo creation service is comprehensive and can be adapted to the needs of each company.

Research and analysis of the market, the target audience and the foundations of the brand.

Competition analysis

3 logo proposals

Logos meaning pitch

Graphic design

Color chart

Logo simulation on various pieces of communication

Different versions of the logo according to the uses

Different formats and types of files

Logo design

Trust our team to have a personalized experience that is focused on your needs, which underpins the creation of a graphic representation that matches what you deserve.

Logos that stand out

The visual universe of any brand must be able to distinguish it from its competitors. Then bet on a Logo Design that is unique!  

Why should you choose us for the design of your logo?

A strong relationship with our customers

It is important for us to develop a strong relationship with our customers to fully understand their needs.

Innovative ideas

Take advantage of our creativity and imagination to have a unique and attractive graphic universe.

Expertise at your service

With more than 15 years of experience, we have the expertise to carry out your graphic design projects. Trust us.

We're here for you

Creating a logo is painstaking work and nothing should be left to chance. You need to be able to fully understand the scope, the foundation and the target clientele of the company, while creating a unique brand image.

To create a logo that truly reflects the DNA of brands, we make it our duty to know all our customers. That is why we are talking to them and doing important research and analysis of the information beforehand. For us, it is essential to take the time to get to know the companies thoroughly and to build a solid relationship with each of them.

Stand out with a unique, powerful and effective logo design!