Boumgrafik’s expertise is creating a powerful brand image.

The image of your company no longer reflects its current form? Having trouble reaching your target market and differentiating yourself from your competitors? You are not able to generate enough interest in your brand to build customer loyalty? Your branding may be the cause.

Your visual identity should be at the heart of your marketing strategy. It is the foundation of your business. So you have to think it through, shape it, and create it carefully so that it speaks to your target audience.

A striking brand image that is consistent with your company’s values and personality will increase commitment, loyalty and consumer love for your brand. It will create a community around your project.

We will design your visual identity to communicate your expertise and values. We will ensure that it is simple, recognized, unique and distinct.

Don’t let your Business be one of many; stand out.

At Boumgrafik, we boost your brand image

Let us design the visual identity of your project to give it it’s personal and unique image. We will take care of everything from refreshing your image to creating it from start to finish.

Name search for your company

Name search for a product or service

Creating a company logo

Define a color palette

Creation of a graphic chart

Typography selection

Creation of an iconography

Illustration design

Pattern development

Texture composition


Our goal: to design a brand image that truly represents who you are, in an original and powerful way.

Build a lasting visual identity

Don’t overlook the image your customers, prospects and employees have of your company; focus on creating a visual identity that generate interest and triggers strong emotions. Let us create a logo and a graphic charter that you will keep for a long time.

Why should you choose us to create your brand?

A creative explosion

Our team will propose innovative and powerful creations. Creative explosion is our daily life. Use it to propel your visual identity to a higher level.

Flaming efficiency

With Boumgrafik, you will not wait indefinitely for the final product. Our solid team delivers quality work in the required time.

Blazing results

You will emerge from our adventure with a strong and consistent branding that will attract customers and create a commitment to your brand.

A proven working methodology

Our creative process ensures optimal communication with all our customers. We work closely with each and every one of them to propose them great solutions. We do our research and analysis before we begin the creative tasks in order to have the most accurate vision possible of your Business and all that surrounds it.

Our work will include initial exchanges, understanding of your needs and those of your Business, as well as an analysis of your market, your competitors and your target customers.

Our team is also passionate about building a corporate culture and communication tools that are consistent with your visual identity.

Bet on a unique image to distinguish yourself from your competitors