Why invest in a memorable brand image?

By: Cedric Pharand On: September 03, 2022 In: Branding, Graphics & Design, Logo, Communication tools Comments: 0

Many companies are currently spending huge amounts of money to improve public perception through the creation of a good brand image, but is this investment worth it? If so, why ?

Concretely, what is a brand image?

Simply put, branding can be defined as how customers and prospects perceive a business, and its services or products. Be careful, it should not be confused with brand identity, which rather corresponds to the way the company wishes to be perceived by the public.

However, these two concepts are intimately linked since the fact that they are similar indicates that the branding is successful. This means that the company has managed to send customers the image it wants to create.

Why invest in memorable branding?

Studies have shown that consumers generally choose products or services from brands that are familiar to them, even if in the end, they have no concrete information about it. Also, they now take into account the values ​​conveyed by the company or the manufacturing procedures they follow before making their choice.

Therefore, it is important to invest in a memorable brand image so that customers and prospects can quickly recognize the company through image, sound, color, concept, value, or even quality of service. customer base. The goal is to arouse positive emotions in them so that they buy. In short, a memorable brand image is essential to increase sales, and therefore turnover.

nordwood themes ubiwo074qlu unsplashHow to create a memorable brand image?

We conclude that branding is not just about the logo and a catchy slogan. Indeed, this concept includes many elements, namely:

  • Visual identity: logo, slogan, colors or font must be attractive, simple and easy to remember.
  • Brand values ​​and story: to create positive emotion in the public to make a good impression.
  • Reputation: ensuring that your customers speak well of you to those around them by offering quality products as well as warm, caring, responsive and competent customer service, for example.
  • Evolution: improving services, offering new offers or renewing the website to show the public that the brand is adapting to the evolution of society.
  • Communication: creating a close relationship with the public through events of all kinds so that they trust the brand.


Investing in a memorable and remarkable brand image is therefore one of the keys to commercial success. Indeed, the company must convince the public, which today is more demanding, to choose its products through many elements such as its history, its values ​​or the quality of its services.

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