Colors and the importance of their meanings for your branding

By: boumgrafik On: September 27, 2022 In: Graphics & Design, News Comments: 0

Colors are one of the essential elements that make up the visual identity of a brand. Beyond the aesthetic aspect and the tastes of the owners, they above all reflect the values ​​conveyed by the company and help customers make their purchasing decisions. It is therefore essential to choose them carefully.

The meanings of colors in branding

Each color has a meaning that is important to know before incorporating it into your branding:

  • Black expresses mystery, timelessness, elegance, but also pain. This color is generally found in the automotive, perfumery and luxury sectors or in events.
  • White reflects innocence, purity and elegance. Some cultures also associate it with power. It is typically used in the events industry, including weddings, births, and baptisms as well as in the hospitality, healthcare, and technology industries.
  • Pink is often associated with femininity, softness and love. This color is recommended for florists and in the jewelry, fashion and women’s press sectors.
  • Red expresses passion, audacity, danger and also love. It is generally found in the world of luxury and glamor as well as in the catering, youth, humanitarian and gastronomy sectors.
  • Green primarily reflects hope, but also nature, wealth and growth. It is frequently found in the sectors of agriculture, ecology, banking, health and science.
  • Blue mostly expresses calm and confidence. However, it can also be associated with water, change and communication. It is one of the most used colors in the fields of communication, health, IT and aeronautics.
  • Yellow reflects cheerfulness and youth. However, it can have a negative meaning like deception. Textile, food and entertainment industries, insurance companies and car manufacturers often use this color.
  • Purple expresses spirituality, luxury and also arrogance. This color frequently makes up the logos of prestigious brands operating in the jewelry, decoration, hotel and real estate industries.

The importance of colors in branding

Most of your customers will rely on the colors you use on your logo, your product packaging or your advertising tools (flyers or website) to identify (unconsciously or not) the values ​​you convey and possibly to make the decision to trust you or not. Using yellow in the financial sector, for example, could be frowned upon since this color can be associated with deception.


The choice of colors is thus an important step in the creation of the visual identity of a brand. It should also be noted that these can have a different meaning depending on the culture. This is the reason why it is strongly recommended to entrust this mission to a qualified professional. At Boumgrafik, we can help you choose the color that best suits your profile, your values ​​and your goals.