Typography and its impact on your branding

By: boumgrafik On: November 03, 2022 In: Branding, Communication tools Comments: 0

Typography is an essential part of a company’s brand image. It is the art of playing with different typefaces to effectively convey a message to the audience through textual content. What is its impact on your branding?

The importance of typography in your branding

Textual content, whether in the logo or in the various communication tools, must be readable to hold the attention of consumers. Indeed, they need the information you provide there to make their decisions. Additionally, each typeface category expresses a value that will help the audience better understand the brand:

  • Serif: tradition and luxury;
  • Sans Serif: simplicity and modernity
  • Monospace: professionalism and editorial style;
  • Cursive: elegance;
  • Fantasy: Playful.

Thus, typography is an important element that guarantees the success and effectiveness of your branding. Well chosen, it will attract customers and prospects who will then be able to discover your brand, its values ​​or its offers through the textual content that you publish.

How to choose typography for your branding?

We give you some tips for choosing the typography for your branding.

1. Choose the appropriate typeface category for your brand identity

It is important to define your brand identity as well as its target audience to find the right typeface category. Thus, for example, you will favor the Serif if you are addressing a high-society audience who is looking for high-end and generally prefers the classic style. On the other hand, the Fantasy style would be more appropriate if you sell toys and children’s items. Also, favor the MPV if you work in the journalism industry, and so on.

2. Make sure the text is readable

Choose the font so that the public can read your texts without any difficulty. You should also pay attention to this aspect when defining the size and other elements such as the use of bold and italics as well as shadows.

3. Stand out from other brands without overdoing it

Do not use more than 2 or 3 fonts in a single content, as it may seem too cumbersome. And if you decide to apply different styles, make sure they are compatible before validating. Also, avoid opting for the same fonts as your direct competitors or famous brands if you want to stand out and attract more people.


Typography is an essential element that guarantees the success of your branding by optimizing the quality and attractiveness of your textual content. It is therefore recommended to entrust the management of this aspect to a qualified professional who will be able to determine the typeface best suited to your brand. At Boumgrafik, we offer a complete and premium branding service. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.