Enhance your brand with corporate photography

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This article looks at another aspect of branding: corporate photography.

This brings added value to any communication by revealing the personality and Organizational culture, presenting it in an attractive way and transmitting emotions.

Here’s how to use professional photos to bring out the qualities of your brand!

Show your products or services

First, if you have an online store, the presentation of your articles is your main selling point. It is important to have consistent images with backgrounds and similar angles. This portrays the professionalism of your organization. But pay attention to those on the Internet or received from suppliers. Indeed, they can break the harmony of your visual support.

Photos can also reveal staff in action or products in their environment. For example, a construction company might show workers laying bricks on a house. A creative agency will be able to suggest different scenarios.

In short, corporate photography can demonstrate the quality of your products and your expertise.

Pâtisserie La Germanique – Brand image

Introduce your employees through corporate photography

Introducing your employees through corporate photos helps put a face behind your business.

Humanize your brand by creating portraits that reflect the personality of your workers. Do you advocatecollaboration? Introduce your different teams.

Why not think outside the box by choosing unique poses or installing original backgrounds? Stay away from the images you see everywhere!

Photograph your offices

In many cases, consumers judge the expertise and quality of a brand through the work environment. Are your premises at the cutting edge of technology? Do they have a relaxation area? Show off your added value!

In addition, these corporate photos can help you attract new talent. Show off your ping-pong table or the cafeteria service that will appeal to future candidates.

Enhance your brand with corporate photography

Ask for help from a professional photography professional?

Do you tend to serve in image banks? Although this can sometimes help, take care to use it sparingly.

First, they do not necessarily reflect the message your organization wants to convey. This will have an impact on the perception that consumers will have.

In addition, those of superior quality are often overexploited in communication tools of multiple brands. Thus, the public sees them repeatedly and in too many different contexts.

Seeking the help of professionals to create personalized corporate photos is the best option to represent your company. Indeed, the artistic directors of the agencies are outstanding collaborators who will be able to advise you on the choice of the photographer (in terms in particular of tariff, experience and specialization). In addition, they will be able to suggest different scenarios in order to obtain consistent imaging, reflecting the brand perfectly.

You want corporate photographs that fit perfectly into your communication strategy?

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