The elements of a corporate graphic identity

By: boumgrafik On: August 24, 2022 In: Astuces, News Comments: 0

The graphic identity of a company can be considered as the very face of it. Indeed, it allows customers, prospects or even potential partners and investors to recognize the brand at a glance. In addition, it is composed of several elements that we will see below.

The elements that make up a graphic identity

· A logo

The logotype, or logo, is a graphic representation of your business. This is one of the most important elements of the visual identity since it is usually the first thing the public will see. Therefore, the image must be simple, attractive and easy to remember. It must also reflect the values ​​or the missions of the company.

It also happens that the logo comes in several versions, the use of which varies according to the medium on which it is registered: website, flyers, social networks, documents or billboards.


Typography refers to the fonts used for all company-related text. It therefore defines the shape, size, thickness or even the configuration of the characters. It will be used on the logo, on billboards and even in documents, so that readers can identify the brand just by seeing the style.


Each color has a specific meaning and the team in charge of creating the graphic identity must take this into account. Indeed, the colors (maximum 3) that define the company must be consistent with the values ​​it conveys and its characteristics in order to have a greater impact on the public and potential partners.

The images

The logos of some companies are made up of images, icons or pictograms representing their qualities, their values ​​or their products. This is for example the case of Disney, Puma or Nike.

What is a Brandbook or graphic charter?

A Brandbook, or graphic charter, is a document listing all the versions of the elements of a company’s graphic identity as well as their use. The information it contains makes it possible to understand the choice of the latter, in particular the colors, the typography or the logo.

It also serves as a guideline so that everyone, namely the marketing and communication team as well as external collaborators, stays on the same wavelength regarding the context of use of the many versions of the visual identity. This is very important to maintain the credibility of the brand and the consistency of these campaigns over the long term.


The creation of a company’s graphic identity is a delicate mission that requires the services of a professional. At Boumgrafik, we provide you with experts who will help you build an impactful, original and timeless visual identity for your brand.

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