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Corporate storytelling is the storytelling of a brand’s history, values and DNA. Its goal is to increase the commitment of current or future customers to the company, and then convert them into buyers. Here are the origins of Boumgrafik, founded by Mathieu Boum Bouchard, a creative at heart.

Young, Mathieu was shy, dreamy, quiet and listening to others. Unique and introverted, he had trouble making friends. Moreover, he particularly liked the activities that are practiced alone: play G.I. Joe by inventing stories, play video games (Mario Kart !!!) and draw. On the other hand, he was particularly loyal and loyal to the friends he had.


Growing up, he felt more and more the need to please, to connect with others, and to be appreciated to build his confidence and to externalize himself.

As a teenager, he realized that the arts allowed him to socialize. He joined the ranks of improvisation and theater, which allowed him to build a new network of friends and to work on his self-esteem.

His personality was still introverted. He was therefore often in his classroom bubble, at dinners and recess.

He began to use drawing as a form of expression. While drawing, he was able to reveal a part of him and convey his emotions: what was good, what scared him, made him sad or angry. He was inspired by the passions and entertainment of his time: the Mangas, The Simpson and South Park.

Gradually, he started making caricatures of his teachers and he created a cartoon of his student life, which was seen by students. The drawings intrigued all of her comrades and the effervescence quickly spread to the other classes: “It’s cool what you do, man! “Haha, it’s true he’s like that, he! “Hey, could I be in your comic! He became popular thanks to his talent: telling stories while drawing! Students appreciated and connected from now on through his passion. His creative and dreamy side has gradually traced his career.
The rise of new technologies then naturally led to computer graphics, always with the goal of telling stories and entertaining others to create relationships.
This is where he found his true passion: to tell in pictures the history and mission of companies. He understood that he was talented in this area and that he liked that!

The origins of Boumgrafik

Filled with a passion and a talent, Mathieu graduated in graphic design and joined various communication agencies in the following years.

Through his experience in these agencies, as a graphic designer then art director, Mathieu has been able to plan his own business project. His ambition led him to launch, a few years ago, the communication agency 360 ° Boumgrafik, whose objective was to meet the communication needs of its customers through a strategic approach and creative designs.

The identity of Boumgrafik was created especially from the shy and dreamy child, creative and innovative, that he was.

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The storytelling of a company: an effective marketing approach

The foundations and DNA of a brand are always important and should be presented through an interesting and thoughtful corporate storytelling.

Every entrepreneur should take the time to think about the origins of his business: what were the initial motivations when creating the brand? How does his story define the current offer of products or services?

Beyond the product or service offered, consumers often fall in love with what the company represents through its history, its values, etc. This is where the storytelling of the brand comes in.

Et vous, avez-vous créé le storytelling de votre entreprise ?

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