Color psychology: why is it important in marketing?

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The branding and marketing industries use a variety of elements and tricks to stimulate consumers, create emotions and demonstrate brand values.

Colours are part of these elements. Indeed, colour psychology is an important concept and should be taken into consideration when creating branding and marketing campaigns!

Why is the choice of colours important?

Colours have an impact on the reaction, emotions and impressions of human beings.

Each one stimulates areas of the brain in its own way, has a particular effect on consumers and symbolizes specific values. For example, some colors will energize and energize, while others will have a more serene and tranquil effect.

Consumers are subconsciously influenced by colours: they like a brand or buy a product based on what colour means.

Good marketers and graphic designers can come and get the desired emotions from theirTarget Audience

The choice of colours is therefore an integral part of the visual identity creation and your company’s marketing strategy.

Colour meaning

Because colour psychology is important in marketing, it is important to know what each colour means to consumers. Let’s see what the primary colors mean.


Red is a stimulating and energizing colour and captures attention. It symbolizes passion, desire, urgency and power.

Red would also stimulate appetite. It is therefore not surprising that the majority of fast foods use this color in their branding!

Color psychology: why is it important in marketing?


Blue is more about softness, serenity, stability and confidence. This colour brings a sense of security and calmness to those who watch it. In fact, insurance companies use that colour a lot.

On the other hand, it can also symbolize cold and distance.

Color psychology: why is it important in marketing?


Yellow refers to joy, inspiration, light and optimism. It is especially used in young and dynamic brands.

However, you have to know that this colour is known to tire your eyes. So you have to use it wisely.

Color psychology: why is it important in marketing?


Green is often associated with nature, health and fertility. It is often associated with environmental enterprises. This color reminds us of peace, youth and tranquility.

But it also refers to money and wealth.

Color psychology: why is it important in marketing?

Brand perception: creating emotion to reach your customers

The colours used for Branding and marketing strategy are not only chosen because they are beautiful; they are chosen mainly because of what they represent and the impact they have on consumers.

The choice of colours should therefore be carefully considered and analysed, particularly when creating the graphic charter and designing the company logo. This will allow you to seek out specific emotions from your clients and prospects.

Color psychology is therefore an important concept to know to have the desired impact on your target market! Need help to develop the personality of your brand?

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