Creating a coherent visual identity in 4 major steps

Are you working on creating your company’s visual identity ? You do not know how to do it ?

Let’s first look at what the visual identity represents. The latter consists of graphically related elements uniquely related. It helps identify and recognize brands and should be at the heart of any company’s communication strategy. An effective visual identity helps to attract attention, attract potential customers, increase brand awareness and strengthen the credibility of the company with partners, employees and customers. It is therefore essential to work well!

Although it is a creative work, the visual identity is created through a well-defined work process. Here are the main steps you should go through when designing your visual identity.

The steps to create a relevant visual identity


1. Collection of information

An effective and adapted graphic identity is the result of a thorough analysis. Indeed, you have to know the product and the company perfectly in order to put them in words and images in the most coherent way possible; and consequently design a visual identity that really represents your brand.

Even if you think you know your business, answer a series of questions that may allow you to better define the project.

This first step is therefore a collection of information, thanks to:

1. An analysis and evaluation of your brand. Here, try to determine the values and adjectives of your brand, your target client and your goals;

2. A study of your market and your competitors;

3. A search for inspiration (brands that inspire you, for example);

4. A definition of the themes to express visually. Pick up particular images, colors and terms that you like and would like to find in your visual identity. This can be achieved by creating a moodboard or a lexical field.

This step then takes us to visual exploration.

ProsperIT – Branding and Website

2. Visual exploration of the brand

In the visual exploration stage, you have to work to transfer your brand into a coherent and attractive graphical representation. In short, how would you present your company if it was an image?

It is at this stage that will be realized:

1. Design sketches for the logo;

2. Selection of the color palette;

3. A simulation of the visual identity on various pieces of communication. This simulation consists in showing the different graphical elements, their position and their interaction between them on paper or on computer;

4. The creative argument, which presents the reasoning behind the choices of the different graphical elements and their positioning;

5. The presentation of the visual identity board;

6. Logo adjustment and optimization;

7. The finalization of the logo and short guide of the graphic standards, which includes all the elements of your visual identity (colors, typography, geometric shapes and so on).

Votre identité commence donc à prendre forme. Vous serez en mesure de projeter votre projet de marque dans le futur.

ProsperIT – Branding and Website

3. Identity development

This stage of creating a visual identity is the moment of refinement. We must proceed to:

1. The selection of final typographies;

2. The search for the style of the photos;

3. The creation of iconography and illustrations;

4. The selection of patterns and textures;

5.Create the detailed color palette

6. The creation of the brand board, which presents all the elements of your graphic identity in an orderly way: logo, color palette, script font, patterns, etc. ;

7. The realization of the official photo bank. This can be achieved through online image banks or through photo shoots.

You are now a few steps away from the reality and the images and words of your brand!

ProsperIT – Branding and Website

Production of communication tools

It’s time to get down to business. It is now necessary to present your brand image on different templates and platforms.

1. Design letterhead, envelopes and business cards with your new visual identity;

2. The creation of headers for social media;

3. Designing a Template for Social Media Display

4. The creation of a web design;

5. Production of the complete guide of graphic standards (if necessary).

7. Any other communication tool deemed relevant to your brand strategy

Let's start creating your visual identity!

As you can see, designing a graphic identity is methodical and time-consuming. Not only does this work have a creative aspect, but it also includes a deep understanding of the brand and its environment. This makes it possible to present a consistent image on all platforms, at all times and by all employees of the company.

This guide presents Boumgrafik‘s own approach to creating a creative and effective visual identity and can help you understand what needs to be done to achieve an effective and consistent result.

This creative methodology allows us to precisely identify the foundations of the brand, the targeted clientele, the competitors and the market, with the aim of creating a perfectly adapted visual identity. Indeed, we work closely with all customers to offer them solutions lit. We do some research and analysis before we begin the creative tasks to create the most faithful visual communication of the company’s DNA.

Contactez-nous pour recevoir de l’aide dans l'élaboration d’une image unique de votre marque !

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