What are the benefits of owning a good brand slogan?

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Are you wondering whether it is relevant to have a corporate slogan, also called a brand name? It is true that not all companies decide to create one. On the other hand, when well written, the brand slogan can be useful to the company.

Discover now some advantages of a good corporate slogan for your brand!

What is a slogan?

First, let’s see what a brand slogan is. It is a short sentence that expresses the brand’s positioning, values, vision or mission. In other words, it presents the DNA of the company.

The brand signature should not be confused with the advertising slogan that is only created as part of a marketing campaign. In this perspective, it is ephemeral, compared to the corporate signature.

In general, the brand slogan can be found on the logo and all the communication media of the company. Moreover, it comes to support the brand image.

The benefits of a good slogan

Having a good slogan can bring several benefits to your business

What are the benefits of owning a good brand slogan?

Define your service offer

First, it provides additional information to your brand, especially when the logo and company name are not clear about the service offer. This simplifies the message and reaches consumers more easily, who understand the market quickly and what the company offers.

What are the benefits of owning a good brand slogan?

Affirm your position

By simply and clearly presenting the values, vision and mission of your company – in short, part of your corporate speech – customers and partners can easily know the positioning of your brand. This can increase the love and commitment of the customers who appreciate you for what you stand for.

What are the benefits of owning a good brand slogan?

Stand out from the competition

The slogan is also a good way to stand out from your competitors and to effectively present your added value. Thus, with the slogan, you could present your unique selling proposition (USP) in an attractive way.

What are the benefits of owning a good brand slogan?

Create emotion

Finally, the business signature can be useful in order to create an emotional impact with respect to your business. Depending on your slogan, you might look more professional, trendier or more honest than your competitors.

The benefits of an effective slogan that can only be useful for the brand image as well as the loyalty and enthusiasm of consumers for your business!

Now that you know some benefits to having a good corporate slogan or signature, you can make a more informed decision about whether you should write one.

Would you like to discuss it or get help in creating your company slogan?

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