5 tips for choosing your creative agency

You want to have a brand image that boosts your credibility, communication tools that demonstrate your professionalism and a corporate speech that gives you wings? You do not know how to do it? You are then at the stage of choosing the creative agency that will accompany you in this work.

But these agencies are growing at a tremendous pace in Greater Montreal. So you need to do research, but most importantly, select the one that will create your branding and your visual identity.

Here are some tips to help you.

Choose your creative agency according to your expertise

You should know that there are several types of professionals in communication: Web marketing, graphic design, branding … In short, you first need to identify what you need: a logo, promotional tools, infographics, SEO, advertisements?

Then make sure that the agency you will be dealing with has the right expertise. Sometimes it is better to go to specialized agencies, rather than to those that offer all possible services.

Take the time to look at the achievements that have been made by the team, as they are good indications of his skills: do the creations speak to you?

In addition, during the exploratory meeting with the project manager, make sure that he asks you about your brand, your market, your activities and your competitors. To image the DNA of a company in the most faithful way possible, the agency must ask you the appropriate questions.

Finally, does the person you meet give you his opinion and advice? In order for you to make the best design decisions, you should have all the information you need.


The reputation of the creative agency

Does the agency in question have a good reputation? Check the testimonials of former customers on its website.

If you dare, you could even contact companies that have not commented on how the project went with this agency. The important thing is not just the end result, but the overall experience lived with the creative professional.

Facebook can also be a good source since Internet users often leave their comments on the pages of the company. Go take a look.

Communication and availability

Before the start of the project, are you already having trouble joining the project manager ?  Does he seem to never have time for you ? He is never available for a meeting or moves it constantly?

The risk is that you will experience the same experience throughout the process. Stay away from anything that may complicate work and irritate you.

Good creative professionals need to be able to manage their schedules and give their attention, as much as possible, to all of their clients.

Choisir une agence de création ayant une vision semblable au vôtre

At the initial meeting, check that the work team and you are on the same wavelength. Otherwise, you risk paying for results that are not up to your expectations.

Make sure you have a common vision of your brand, your competitors, your customers, your market and the image you want to present.

It’s great to work with an expert who sees things the way you do. He will be able to do a better job in less time.

Trust in the creative agency

Finally, follow your instinct. If, from the first e-mail exchanges or discussions, you do not feel confident, even for no specific reason, choose another creative agency.

The work she has to do for you is so important that you need to have complete confidence in her expertise.

Vous êtes prêt à choisir votre agence créative !

Avec ces 5 conseils, vous êtes sur la bonne voie pour choisir la meilleure agence créative pour votre entreprise.

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