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Boumgrafik is a communication agency that stands out particularly in the Laval and Montreal regions.

Since our beginnings, our mission is to tell in words and in images the history and the identity of the companies. It is through the quality of our team and our employees that we stand out. We rely on a service offer adapted to your reality and your needs.

The company has experienced significant growth over the last year, leading to internal changes to further develop our customer service and expertise. Previously a 360 communication agency; positioned today as a design studio specializing in branding and visual identity; Boumgrafik wants to specialize and become the reference in branding, branding and visual identity.


The story of Boumgrafik

Boumgrafik was founded by Mathieu Bouchard, a creative soul who has always been drawn to drawing. The rise of new technologies has naturally led to graphic art on computers. This is where he found his true passion: to tell in pictures the history and mission of companies.
Through his experience in various communication agencies, including as artistic director, Mathieu has planned his own business project: Boumgrafik, a 360 communication agency serving Laval, Montreal, the North Shore and the South Shore.

A communication agency with an explosive team

Since its inception, the company has grown and collaborated with a multitude of suppliers and customers. With over 40 clients and 200 projects, Boumgrafik has won the trust of its customers and partners.

Today, the team is made up of about ten talented collaborators – graphic designers, strategists, editors, photographers and Web specialists – and ready to share their experience with you.
The arrival of newcomers to Boumgrafik’s family forces the team to move to new offices on the North Shore of Montreal, where it will be able to welcome customers with pleasure.


Boumgrafik has specified the range of its services to offer more expertise to meet your needs and those of your customers. She wants to stand out from 360 agencies through a specialization in branding, branding and visual identity.

Brand image

Boumgrafik’s design department is able to provide you with a strategic and creative brand image, perfectly aligned with your company’s mission and values. They have made their expertise!

Corporate speech and company name

Boumgrafik can help you build the identity of your business. Regardless of the form of your project, the agency has the skills to develop a unique and distinctive business name, and guide you towards creating a powerful corporate discourse to assert your brand positioning, mission and goals. values.

Communication tools

In order to better reach your customers, Boumgrafik is able to develop effective and coherent communication tools, in the image of your current or future brand image.

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L’équipe de l’agence en communication visuelle Boumgrafik est fière de pouvoir vous offrir une expertise poussée en image de marque, en communication et en identité visuelle, que vous soyez à Laval, à Montréal, sur la Rive-Nord ou sur la Rive-Sud.

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