CIB Organizational Development – Branding and Website


Boumgrafik was mandated by CIB Organizational Development to refresh its brand image and improve the user experience of the website.

The three values of the family business were to be reflected in the new visual identity: efficiency, flexibility and simplicity. It was also important to provide an ergonomic interface that would allow smooth navigation and adequately communicate services and values.


Being a family business that promotes human values, the logo represents roots, evolution and human contact. The visual representation of a tree is in perfect harmony with the company’s vision. The branches of the tree evoke network, teamwork and hierarchical support.

The visual identity of the website relies on a fair balance of bright colors including the original color of CIB, green which gives off freshness, life, renewal, learning and intelligence and in its dark version is synonymous with health, balance, growth and productivity. The new image also features bright images with warm tones and bold geometric typography that inspires flexibility and credibility.

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  • Client:

    CIB Développement Organisationnel

  • Skills:
    • Brand image
    • Corporate Logo
    • Corporate speech
    • Web Design
    • UX/UI Design