CCi2M – Governor’s Night / Merchant of Happiness

The evening developed by the CCi2M aims to thank, in the form of a relaxed celebration, the business community of the MRC de Deux-Montagnes. Several recognitions are highlighted during this event among five different categories. Under the theme “Merchant of happiness”, the objective is to give happiness to the members of the CCI2M.

The mandate included the design of the logo for the “Governor’s Night” event as well as the logo and visual of the “Merchant of happiness” theme. The angle chosen was that of the post-war celebration in the 1950s. In collaboration with the marketing team, we developed a vintage and colorful look featuring a retro ice cream stand that evoked fun and happiness. !

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    • Brand image
    • Graphic Design
    • Page Layout
    • Artistic direction
    • Advertising