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Are you looking for a safe and reliable agency for the creation of your company’s website or for the management of your digital marketing on the North Shore? Our services at Boumgrafik might interest you. Find out what we have to offer!

Our website creation service

You can call on us for the creation of your company’s website. We provide you with qualified professionals who will be able to design an attractive, inspiring, intuitive and coherent website. To do this, we take into account many elements such as your brand image, your marketing strategy and the communication tools at your disposal.

Our Web Marketing Service

We also offer a personalized Web Marketing service including innovative, practical and effective long-term solutions. Among other things, we take care of natural and paid marketing, the management of your social networks, the writing of optimized and premium quality articles for your blog and the creation of engagement tools such as a newsletter.

We develop campaigns on different search engines and social networks that will bring you fast and effective results to accelerate your revenue growth:

  • Google Ads (Search,Video,Display,Shopping)
  • Facebook (Branding, Lead Gen, E-commerce)
  • Instagram (Stories Ads, Instant Experience)
  • Linkedin (Image Ads, Lead Ads, InMail, Sales Navigator)

SMBs have accelerated their digital shift because it is becoming the key driver of their profitability.

Our strength lies in the extreme customization of your needs, from ad creation, to the use of the best platforms to distribute your promotional content, to the opening to new solutions to be developed together.

Our services cover a wide range of creations:

  • Seasonal promotion, discount,
  • Competition, one-time event
  • New product or service introduction
  • Lead generation/email capture campaign (white paper, checklist, useful tools, etc.)

Invest in your website for the long term by focusing your energy on the things that are critical to the development of your business.

Let’s build together a complete strategy to guarantee you the best visibility and performance on search engines:

  • Competition Audit
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Technical implementation (tags,h1,etc)
  • Definition of personas
  • Sitemap and page architecture creations
  • Building backlinks
  • On/off-site optimizations
  • SEO Content Writing

Performance Analysis

Follow in a detailed and supervised way the results of your paid campaigns and the optimizations made continuously to improve your sales and increase your clientele.

Our experts in Google Analytics, Data Studio, Supermetrics, Sem Rush and other analysis tools, optimize the products that are the most profitable and will guide you every day on trends, opportunities, and innovative ideas to put in place to take your business to the next level.

You will have personalized tools to follow the results in real time and we will contribute together to make the best decisions.

Keeping your customers engaged is what increases their value and duration over the long term.

Our newsletter service will allow you to establish a calendar aligned with your promotions, business context and objectives, in order to inform, educate and convert your customers both in your image, your values, but also to have confidence in your products and services, and to increase sales more naturally with a more human, natural approach.

We adapt our design to respect your corporate culture and we imbue your marketing vision to transmit it through newsletter distribution.

We make sure to continually adjust content and design to maximize their effectiveness and drive action.

Our strength is our versatility in project types:

  • Content Schedule
  • Content Writing
  • Campaign Management
  • Design of visuals

Because better visibility requires relevant content, we offer content creation for your social networks, your blogs and your website.

We immerse ourselves in your values and your culture to be creative while respecting an editorial line that reflects your image with a unique and memorable message for your readers and customers.

This content is optimized for organic SEO searches, to help you rank for the most important terms.

Be visible where people are…on social networks.

Let an expert team make your brand shine on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

We take care of everything: content calendars, copywriting, visual creation, posting, advertising campaigns, and more.

Our achievements speak for themselves


Why should you choose us?

We provide you with qualified, competent and attentive professionals who will be able to develop websites and marketing strategies that are perfectly suited to your business. For this, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the market in order to identify the opportunities that suit it. Also, we have proven experience in the field and we ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our services. You can also see all our achievements on our website.

How to contact us?

To request our services, you can reach us by phone at 438-801-0093 or by email by directly filling out a form on our website. You will be connected with one of our marketing or branding consultants for a free consultation.

Why should you choose us to create your web marketing strategy?

Creative innovative solutions

Our expert and original vision in web creation, SEO and design ensures you an image tailor-made to achieve your business objectives. Our team creates a humanity specific to your values on the web.

Execution beyond excellence

Some of the most complex banking and IT clients underline our rigor and quality of results in the management of their projects.

Proactive follow-up for an epic result

We follow the evolution of the results to inform the client on his business decisions. Personalizing his expectations is guaranteeing the best possible evolution in his performance, and it is our priority.

Methodology :

Nous analysons le contexte de votre entreprise, détectons les opportunités de croissance pour votre marque et déployons les meilleurs outils web pour atteindre chaque objectif, avec un vrai esprit d’équipe.

Des années d’expérience de notre équipe a démontré qu’une image bien définie est la garantie d’un succès de longue durée. Nous contribuons avec nos clients à garder une évolution dynamique qui leur assure une position de leader parmi la concurrence et qui s’adapte aux changements de leur clientèle.