How to create an effective and unique logo?

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Boumgrafik is often asked how to create an effective and unique logo.

While it’s a huge work in terms of research and creativity, and is unique for every project, there are some basic rules and guiding principles that must be followed to design any corporate logo.

The basics to know for creating a logo

In order to create the most effective logo possible, it is necessary to take into consideration the elements of the given company, so that it is relevant and harmonized with the brand. It also helps to attract the attention of customers, prospects and employees, and to mark them.

With this in mind, the logo should first be relevant to the industry or brand name.

Secondly, it is useful to highlight the company’s vision, values and mission in the graphic representation, in order to position oneself in relation to the competitors and to convince the prospects of your value.

In addition to corporate speech, you should never forget to consider the characteristics of the target audience when developing the logo. Indeed, it must “talk” to the ideal customer, attract and seduce. To do this, it is important to include graphical elements that will join him.

Some additional basic rules to create an effective and unique logo!

  • We must think simplicity. The simpler the logo, the more it is understood by customers, prospects and partners.
  • It is important to design a logo that is sustainable over time.
  • Do not follow the trends, at the risk of having to change the logo at the option of the modes!
  • Each logo must be unique and not be too similar to another.
  • He should be smart and clever in order to arouse interest and above all, create an emotion.
  • It should also be easy to memorize, so that your brand remains rooted in the memory of consumers.
  • It should be readable, no matter the size of the logo, and be versatile so you can easily adapt to different media.
  • It must be able to decline in black and white.

Graphic elements to take into account when designing a logo

In order to develop an effective logo, it is important to appropriately choose each graphic element – colors, typography, geometric shapes and drawings – and to assemble them harmoniously and in a balanced way.

Thus, the proportions are just as important as each integrated element, so that your design is perceived as aesthetic and attractive.

Colors in the graphical representation

The colors are of course very important!

It is recommended never to use more than four different colors in a logo. One of these colors should be used in a dominant way. In addition, it is not enough to choose some rather pretty colors: it is important that these colors marry perfectly between them.

In addition, each color has its meaning. Those chosen will therefore have a link with the company’s DNA because they will influence the message you send to the public.


Prenons par exemple le bleu choisi par Ford, qui évoque le confort, la clarté, la confiance, et le calme. Ford veut que sa marque soit perçue de cette façon par le public.

Then, each color evokes emotions in those who look at it. We will not go into these details here, but know that we must choose the colors that will evoke the emotions you want in the public.

As you can see, creating a color palette can be rather difficult!


Geometric shapes

Then you have to think about the geometric shape of the logo. Indeed, it can be round, square or pointed. Here again, each form has its meaning or evokes impressions specific to people.

For example, the square symbolizes more reliability, strength and stability.

Thus, depending on the values, the spirit or the field of activity of the company, some forms will be more appropriate than others.


The logo design

Then, we must think about the design when creating the logo, so that it is clever, unique and relevant with the DNA of the brand.

The design of the Airbnb logo, for example, represents a person with open arms, a localization symbol, an inverted heart and an “A”, representing the values, vision and mission of the brand.

Some logos have a double image like Toblerone, in which we can see a bear in the mountain. It represents the Matterhorn, the most famous mountain in Switzerland and the bear is the symbol of the city of Bern where chocolate is produced.

Bref, le dessin requiert tout un travail de création afin qu’il soit mis en relation avec l’ADN de la marque, tout en étant esthétique, cohérent et intelligent !

The typography of the visual identity

Finally, what about typography when creating a logo?

It is recommended to stick to two different fonts, no more, in order to maintain aesthetics.

You must then choose the typography according to the values, the field of activity and the target customer of the company. For example, some fonts evoke more romanticism and delicacy, while others are more assertive and affirmative.

Finally, it should be legible at all times so that people do not have to concentrate on understanding what is written on it.


To conclude

As you can see, creating a logo is a painstaking job and nothing is left to chance. You must be able to fully understand the business scope, the foundations and the target clientele of the company, while creating a unique visual universe.

Moreover, to design a logo that truly reflects the DNA of the brand, the agency or the person in charge must do an important job of research and analysis of information. It is essential that she takes the time to know the business thoroughly and to build a strong relationship with her.

As the logo represents the image of the company, it is risky to design one that is not in harmony with the brand. That’s why asking for the help of creative experts who know how to create a unique and timeless logo can be a good option.

You want to design the logo of your company? We can help you create one that you will last for a long time.

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