Api Integration And Synchronization Of Your Accounting Software With Your E-commerce Online Store

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols used to allow different software, applications or web pages to connect with each other and share information. API integration may be necessary to effectively manage your online business using various web marketing software and other applications at the same time. Learn about the benefits of using APIs.


The benefits of full integration

API integration is the process where two or more applications are connected to each other through APIs and synchronize their data. Here’s why it’s important to do API integration.

Save time

By connecting your applications to each other, you save a lot of time by not having to enter the data needed for each application one by one. Indeed, a single entry allows you to synchronize all your tools, and updates all of your databases and your software for managing and monitoring your activities.

Easily track your inventory

API integration also makes it easier to track your inventory. Your sales and purchases are recorded in real time, which automatically updates your inventory and revenue. Thus, you can easily follow the movement of your stock and avoid breaks and wasted time checking inventory too frequently.

Establish accurate sales reports

Performing a full integration gives you the ability to set up essential sales reports for your business activities such as new contacts, summary of turnover, and tracking the frequency of customer purchases and their behavior vis-à-vis your store and your products.

Optimize your sales by being aware of the numbers (profit margin, popular items, etc.)

Thanks to the API integration, you have a clear and precise overview of all the figures generated by your activities. This data will allow you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

For example, you can analyze the number of new customers and contacts in a given period, the profit margin over the selling price of your products, and many other sensitive points.

Benefits of using Acomba systems

The Acomba systems have the following main advantages:

  • Automated accounting
  • Accurate sales and activity reports
  • Optimization of purchases
  • Better organization of inventory and products

Benefits of using LightSpeed ​​POS

Here are the main benefits of using LightSpeed ​​POS:

  • Accurate monitoring of retail sales
  • Optimized stock management
  • Detailed customer management
  • Data analysis tools
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Integrate Acomba with Shopify

You have the possibility of clearly identifying your products by setting up a clear categorization according to your personal criteria and your grouping methods. This will make it easier to find identical types, ranges, and series.

Optimization of the purchase and receipt of items

When you order your goods from your supplier, you can greatly simplify the entire process by setting up a tailor-made inventory threshold system or you can automate the ordering process by linking it directly to your inventory and accounting.

Automation of inventory accounting

Acomba allows you to benefit from integrated accounting management, which gives you the ability to more easily analyze sensitive financial information related to inventory. This data may include the cost of goods sold, changes in inventory, the value of inventory and others.

Flexible price list implementation

With Acomba, it is possible to create and manage different prices based on many calculation methods, including percentage discount, volume discount, and many other points.

The establishment of sales and activity reports

You can generate different types of reports that will provide you with valuable information about your activities, including inventory tracking, product traceability or inventory analysis according to specific criteria.

Api Integration And Synchronization Of Your Accounting Software With Your E-commerce Online Store

Integrate Zoho with Shopify


Automation of main sales activities

Zoho helps automate major sales, marketing and support tasks. They can be time consuming and their automation frees up a lot of time. Leads are captured automatically, the monitoring of the progress of your sales is done autonomously, and information on potential customers is obtained automatically.

Process management

With Zoho, you can define and then manage a sales process that works best for your sales team. To do this, you integrate your sales process into your CRM, establish the rules according to your objectives and assign the process to each salesperson.

Multichannel management of your activities

It is possible to communicate in real time with your customers and prospects through many channels on the Internet, including your website, email, social networks or by phone call.

Detailed analysis of your activities

Powerful and sophisticated tools are at your disposal to measure the performance of your commercial activities. Thus, you can collect data such as reports on sales trends and marketing campaigns, or activity reports, dashboards and other performance indicators.

Performance management

You have access to monitoring the productivity of your sales teams in real time with an accurate forecast on potential revenue. You can also categorize customers according to well-defined criteria and anticipate their needs and behavior in order to improve sales.

Integrate QuickBooks with Shopify


Better synthesis of your activities

You have access to a real dashboard which summarizes your activities. You have at your disposal various graphs concerning your expenses, invoices, bank accounts and even your results.

Billing options

QuickBooks offers 5 invoice templates that are fully customizable. It is possible to change the color, logo or font, as well as the content to display on your invoice. You can set up a follow-up of your invoices to see when your customers have interacted with your invoice.

Tax management

Thanks to QuickBooks, it is possible to manage your taxes more efficiently. Indeed, taxes can be configured so that their calculation is done automatically. The tax declaration is done via the tool quickly and easily.


You can set up a quote, offer it remotely to your customers, and then convert it to an invoice. Quotes are processed in PDF format and are sent by email to customers and prospects. It is also possible to personalize the message of the emails sent.

Sophisticated customer management

QuickBooks allows you to set up particularly elaborate and detailed customer files. You can enter various customer information, including their last name, first name, billing address, shipping address, etc. You can also define the payment terms for each customer and customize the sheets relating to each profile as much as you like.

Bank synchronization

Connecting your bank with QuickBooks is quite possible. In fact, the portal is compatible with most online banks. This allows you to directly check and follow all your transactions via your accounting interface.

Api Integration And Synchronization Of Your Accounting Software With Your E-commerce Online Store

Integrate Sage with Shopify


Sage software offers countless advantages regarding accounting functionality. For example, the tool allows you to enter accounting transactions automatically, or manually, according to your wishes.

Banking transactions are also directly linked to business documents. Sage also offers the possibility to manage the chart of accounts and the journals, to prepare documents such as the general ledger, the balance sheet or the income statement and the tax declarations.

Billing benefits

All important documents such as quotes, invoices, delivery notes and more can be produced through Sage. They can be completely personalized by integrating the logo and the name of the company, by changing the fonts and colors of the texts.

Benefits of inventory management

Sage automatically updates inventory status, which helps speed up replenishment decisions. In addition, having a real-time view of the stock avoids having to do frequent inventories, which can become time-consuming.

Integrate Acomba X with WooCommerce


Real-time synchronization

The online stores that have been set up with WooCommerce can very well be synchronized in real time with Acomba X. More precisely, this ensures the synchronization of your various essential information such as:

  • Products
  • The inventory
  • The bills
  • The orders
  • The transactions
  • The list of clients
  • The prices
  • The list of suppliers

Two-way communication

In addition to ensuring real-time synchronization, combining WooCommerce with Acomba X allows you to benefit from two-way information exchanges. You have the assurance of data that is updated progressively, which is essential for the operational aspect and for the monitoring of flows (both information and products, depending on the situation). Note also that the system is updated according to the evolutions experienced by Acomba X and WooCommerce.

System update

As Acomba X is a recent version of Acomba, adaptations are possible if you are using an older version. In this case, it is entirely possible for you to migrate your accounting information.

In the end, integrating Acomba X with WooCommerce saves you a lot of time. Your business can also increase productivity by boosting online sales and speeding up the process. Managing your online store can be done more flexibly and it can grow with your needs and goals more easily.

Api Integration And Synchronization Of Your Accounting Software With Your E-commerce Online Store

Integrate Acomba (or Acomba X) with Shopify

Integrating Acomba or Acomba X with Shopify allows you to sync data saved in small business accounting and management software with your Shopify powered online store.

Here are some handy options you can take advantage of:

– Automatic update of the customer database

– Registration of transactions

– Synchronized updating of the inventory

– Update of available products

Integrate LightSpeed ​​with WooCommerce

Integrating LightSpeed ​​with your online store in WooCommerce allows you to communicate AND sync inventory data in real time.

Lightspeed is renowned for being particularly powerful point of sale and inventory management software. Its use allows you to manage inventory on several channels at the same time.

Here are the advantages you can benefit from:

– Synchronization of the list of products taking into account the different movements (whether stock or sales)

– Import products from WooCommerce to LightSpeed

– Import products and categories from LightSpeed ​​to WooCommerce

As an illustration, if a new order is registered on WooCommerce, the LightSpeed ​​account will update accordingly, in parallel.

Beyond the synchronization of information, you can also benefit from a “multi-store” mode. All done with just a few clicks.

Api Integration And Synchronization Of Your Accounting Software With Your E-commerce Online Store

Integrate LightSpeed ​​with Shopify


Better managed sales

Managing your sales is made easier by using intuitive, easy-to-use and fluid interfaces. It is possible to consult the history of sales made in a few clicks.

Better monitoring of inventory

Inventory management is also optimized. It is possible to detail your inventory and follow your stock in real time thanks to clear graphics. You can enter items that are not in your inventory, such as goods that you buy but do not sell. Although the inventory of this type of goods does not require precise monitoring, their registration is still necessary for the establishment of the accounts relating to them.

Optimized marketing

Lightspeed has many marketing tools that can help promote your offers more effectively to your customers. You can set up loyalty programs tailored to your customers, rewarding those who are the most active. You can also track your customers more accurately and get statistics on inactive customers, leads, and top customers.

Better employee management

Employee tasks are synchronized, allowing you to stay informed in real time when an employee has achieved a goal or completed a specific task. This facilitates the monitoring of personnel and avoids redundancy in the execution of work.

Optimized marketing

Ultimately, the integration of APIs and the synchronization of your accounting software with your online e-commerce store greatly facilitates the management of your sales activities on the Internet while giving you the possibility of easily following the evolution of these. Indeed, you can easily obtain the key figures and information to assess the financial health of your business and the growth of your sales. So, call on a professional to set up this system and optimize the management of your business without delay.

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